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AR Paper Cup Machine is manufactured with high spec components and domestically available spares, our Paper cup machines are of high value for paper cup making companies and packaging industries. We have a wide service network all over India and could reach anywhere in the country for service and after sales support. A unique selling point of us that no other Paper cup machine dealers importing Chinese machines could assure.

About AR Industry

We take pride in saying that we are the only Indian company manufacturing paper cup machines for the past 10 years. From day one our machines were 100% indigenous, comprising the best branded components. Our manufacturing facility is based at Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu, India. We provide business assistance to start a new Paper cup making business with all necessary documents required by banks for loans.

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You can contact any of the number given below to know more details about our automatic paper cup making machine. For North Region Mr.Pillai - +91 9787430124 For South Region Mr.Arun - +91 7708797117 For all trade enquiries, please feel free to contact us or write a mail to us -

Paper Cup Machine made in India !

AR paper cup machine is a part of Bharath Machines, SAS Industry & Naga Machines. AR Paper cup machine is manufacturing paper cup machine and paper bag machine at low cost with maximum quality. Our fully automatic paper cup making machines are being manufactured in India and exported to all over the world including new markets like Peru, Chile in South America due to its rugged construction and low running costs. Our paper cup machines are also low on initial investment though they comprised of the highest of Indian branded components like Siemens, TVS, Janatics etc., Our paper cup machines are favourite even among refurbished paper cup machine buyers due to its high quality construction and new machine like performance, after a low cost overhaul. Click here to view ISO 9001-2015 certification.

AR Industry is a manufacturing two paper cup machines and they are:- 

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Indian made Paper Cup Machine

AR paper cup machine prove their advantages with very low running cost, less rejection of paper cups, saving raw material wastage and continuous production cycles with very less down time. We being the sole manufacturers of these machines, we stand by our machines for support any time and will quickly reach our customers support calls.

Paper Cup Machine features

Difference between Indian Paper cup machine and Chinese paper cup machine

DetailsBM 10000BM ULTRAChinese Machines
Cup/Bowl Size50 – 330 ml45 to 250 ml50 to 250 ml
Cup Raw Material170 – 270 gsm170 – 270 gsm170 – 270 gsm
Cup Bottom Diameter36 – 65 mm30 – 60 mm30 – 60 mm
Cup Height50 – 120mm50 – 110mm50 – 110mm
Cup Bottom Depth<10<10<10
Capacity50 – 60 cup/min40 – 50 cup/min40 – 50 cup/min
Power Source3 / 13 / 13 / 1
Total Power3.5kw3.5kw5kw
Weight2 ton1.5 ton1.2 ton
Machine size(LxWxH)2700*1400*1900 mm2510*1250*1300 mm2400*1200*1250 mm
Mode Of OperationAuto & Manual ModeAuto & Manual ModeAuto & Manual Mode
Indexing GearboxIndex 120 (Cam field Engineering)Index 100 (Cam field Engineering)Index 100 (Unknown brand)
Reduction Gearbox287-1:30-1.5 ltr (MM Gears)287-1:30-1.5 ltr (Lakshmi Gears)Unknown–1:30 (Unknown brand)
Chain SprocketMaterial :EN8(35-40HRC) (10B-1, 10B-2&06B-1)Material :EN8(35-40HRC) (08B-1, 08B-2&06B-1)Low quality (Unknown brand)
ShaftMaterial : EN24 (D50,D40,D35 & D25)Material : EN24 (D50,D40,D30)Low quality (Unknown brand)
BearingSKFSKF&KCILow quality (Unknown brand)
CompressorJanatics with warrantyJanatics with warrantyLow quality (Unknown brand)
Electrical DriveABB with warrantyCropmton Greaves with warrantyLow quality (Unknown brand)
Electrical PLCSIEMENSSeLecLow quality (Unknown brand)
Motors1.5 & 0.5 HP (Elgi with 5 star)1.5 & 0.5 HP (CR motors)Low quality (Unknown brand)
SensorsNo,NC & ProximityNo,NC & ProximityNo,NC & Proximity
FastenersTVS bolt, screw and nutTVS bolt, screw and nutLow quality (Unknown brand)


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    Is paper cup manufacturing a profitable business?

    As more people are getting environment conscious and many local civic bodies like, townships, corporations and municipalities are banning plastic cups and bags the demand for paper cups and paper bags will only keep rising. The demand in future will be so huge that more suppliers will be needed to meet the demand. Paper cup industry is growing at a very fast rate and more paper cup manufacturers are needed to meet the rising demand. This is a profitable business for sure on the long term.

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    How to identify a good paper cup making machine

    Usually most of the paper cup making machines are imported and marketed from China by local dealers. The disadvantage of Chinese machines is that the major components like, the main power train, PLC, sensors, hydraulics, power drive, gear box, bearing etc., are made up of untrustworthy quality brands. On the long run this cheap components will fail affecting the manufacturing process and will prove to be expensive to service and change the components.

    Whereas Indian made paper cup machines are made from the highest quality and best brands like, TVS, ROLLON, Siemens, SeLec, SKF, Janatics, Crompton Greaves, ABB etc., which last very long and are also easily and locally serviceable. Components for these brands are available in any part of India and could be replaced and machines started in very short time.

    Always make sure you buy an Indian made paper cup machine which would also be cheaper than the imported Chinese machines.

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    Who is the best Indian paper cup machine manufacturer?

    In India, there is only one indigenous paper cup machine manufacturer who has been pioneering the industry and innovating paper cup machines for more than 10 years now. They are AR Industry based  out of Pudukottai, TamilNadu.   AR Industry is the only Indian manufacturer that makes paper cup machines with 100% Indian components that makes their machines 100% made in India. AR Industry's machine have been widely used around the country due to its low maintenance, low downtime and low initial investment.



Why AR Industry

There are so many exporters and manufacturer in India exporting and producing paper cup making machines, but why us !?

I was at the verge of closing my business with someone else(I don't want to tell their name) that time I got a call from AR Industry and they convinced me and now i'm their customer and will be forever. Thank you guys. Ashok Waghmare, MP
We already had paper cup machines from **** company but their service and support are worst and then, I bought 4 machines from AR Industry and they are the best in this class. I now ordered another 2 machines. Jatin Kumar, Andhra Pradesh
I visited their industry in Pudukottai, TN and got amazed by their welcome, the setup, the workers are very professional and they treated us very well and that made us to go with AR Industry and its been now 4 years associated with them. I always buy and recommend them. Rajendra Gupta, Chandigarh
I ordered two machines first and then after seeing the performance, I ordered another 2 and getting uninterrupted support from them. I also recommended them to my business leads too. Jamal Choudary, Kolkotta
Enquired about AR Industry and its paper cup machines for my friend but after talking to the marketing manager, Mr. Arun, I planned to invest with my friend and that's how I get into this paper product businees and I tell everyone, AR is the best in India and we are using 7 machines and all are in good condition now and astonished after visiting their factory and the making of paper cup machine. Please visit them and you will know the difference. Indrajith Hegde, Bangalore
I had bitter experience with Chinese paper cup machines as it doesn't have any quality parts and no proper service setup here. I found AR industry from google and called them and after talking to them, I finalized, i'm going with AR Industry and now, I have 4 machines from AR Industry and now ordered 2 machines for faster turnout. Jacob, Kerala


Business Opportunity

Apart from manufacturing and marketing automatic paper cup machines, we also guide to start a new paper cup industry. We help new brew entrepreneurs with all necessary documents in getting loans from banks. For assistance, please contact us for more details.

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