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BM Ultra Paper cup machine

This is the budget paper cup machine in the entry level which will be useful for new paper cup making machine manufacturers around the globe.

A very successful model of Paper cup making machine, the BM Ultra is used in various parts of India and also exported to Africa & Middle east countries.

Salient features of BM Ultra

  • 1.5 T of weight
  • Auto & Manual mode of operations
  • Indexing gearbox from Camfield Engineering
  • Reduction gearbox from Lakshmi Gears
  • Works on both single or three phase power
  • SKF & KCI bearings used
  • PLC from Selec
  • Electrical drive from Crompton Greaves with warranty
  • Motors from CR motors
  • 45 – 250 ml cup sizes
  • Capacity of 40-50 cups per minute
  • Could produce 50-110mm ht & 30-60mm dia cups

The BM ultra paper cup machine proves high value for your investments by keeping your initial investment low. The low running cost, low maintenance and easily available spares of the BM Ultra made this model popular among entrepreneurs and new business men. Due to its minimal footprint compared to similar models it occupies less space thus bringing down the overheads.

BM Ultra paper cup machine images

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